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Wuhan University of Technology

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Hubei province Wuhan City Luo lion Road No. 122, 430070


Wuhan University of Technology(WUT) was merged on May 27th 2000, from the former Wuhan University of Technology (since 1948), Wuhan Transportation University (since 1946) and Wuhan Automotive Polytechnic University (since 1958). WUT is one of the leading Chinese universities accredited by the Ministry of Education and one of the universities constructed with priority by the "State 211 Project" for Chinese higher education institutions.


WUT has three main campuses, namely, the Mafanshan Campus, the Yujiatou Campus and the South Lake new Campus, with a total occupying land area of 267 hectares. Currently, WUT has about 5,500 staff members, including 670 professors, 1300 associate professors, 2 academicians of China Academy of Engineering, 1 academicians of the Royal Academy of Belgium, and 4 shared academicians, 3 academicians chosen by Thousands of People Plan, 2 chief scientists for State “973 Program” and key program for scientific research, 8 Scholars of the Yangtze River, 3 professors awarded for State Famous Teachers, 4 professors supported by State Outstanding Youth Fund, and more than 210 teachers have been supported by Special Allowance of State Council, as well as Hubei Provincial Government.


Wuhan University of Technology began to admit international students in 1952. It is one of the earliest Chinese universities to receive international students under the authority of Chinese Government Scholarship Program. It is authorized by Chinese Scholarship Council to offer full-English MBA program since 2002, and successfully get International Trade program and Civil Engineering program in 2009. Up to November 2011, more than 1600 international students from more than 100 countries have studied at this university, and more than 1000 international students have graduated from WUT. Now the University has formed the educational system for international students with all disciplines, multiple levels and wide coverage.


Now Wuhan University of Technology could confer 79 bachelor’s degree programs, 138 master’s degree programs, and 68 Ph.D. degree programs to international students. Among these programs, Business Administration, Industrial Engineering, Mining Engineering, Navigation Technology, Marine Engine Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Automation, International Economics and Trade, and International Business could accept class-formed international students taught in English for bachelor degree; MBA, Material Science and Engineering, Civil Engineering, International Trade, and Industrial Engineering ,Mining Engineering could accept class-formed international students taught in English for master degree; and Material Science and Engineering, Management Science and Engineering, and Economics could accept class-formed international students taught in English for Ph.D.


WUT has established ”WUT Scholarship for Outstanding International Students”, “WUT Friendship Scholarships for International Students” , and “University Postgraduate Program Scholarship” to support excellent international students to study in WUT. And the university would reward the international students who are excellent in both character and study. It also recommends international students to apply part-time jobs in campus based on their situation, so as to attract more excellent self-supported student to come. In order to improve the knowledge of international students in maths, physics and chemistry which are studying their majors in Chinese, the university starts to organize the intensive course for self-supported language students before their majors, so as to increase the basic knowledge in maths, physics and chemistry combined with the previous language course. It also organizes the intensive specialized fundamental courses for the first-year undergraduates in the categories of sciences and engineering, economics and management, and arts. The university also provides financial support to arrange Chinese students to help the first and second year undergraduates in the form of “one Chinese student helps one international student which are in the same class”, which would help freshman to adapt to the new study and living environment.






Bachelor's Degree

Master's Degree

Doctoral Degree

Elementary Chinese Language and Culture Program

Class hrs/wk Duration Starting Date Application Deadline Tuition Fee
Chinese 1 Year 2013-09-27 2013-08-20 CNY 15000 Per year Details
Chinese 2 Years 2013-09-27 2013-08-20 CNY 15000 Per year Details

Intermediate Chinese Language and Culture Program

Class hrs/wk Duration Starting Date Application Deadline Tuition Fee
Chinese 2 Years 2013-09-27 2013-08-20 CNY 15000 Per year Details
Chinese 20 Weeks 2013-09-27 2013-08-20 CNY 8000 In total Details

Short-term Study Program

Class hrs/wk Duration Starting Date Application Deadline Tuition Fee
English 1 Month 2013-06-16 2013-08-20 CNY 0 In total Details
English 1 Month 2012-01-07 2011-08-20 CNY 0 In total Details


RoomType Rates Separate Toilet Separate Bathroom Broadband Internet Access Landline Air Conditioner Other
Single Room 12,000CNY/year Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Double Room 7,500CNY /year Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes


I. Tuition per Academic Year ( Currency Unit:  CNY Yuan )

Chinese Language learners
Master / General Scholar
Ph.D/ Senior Scholar
Programs in Chinese
15, 000
17, 000
25, 000
28, 000
Programs in English
18,0 00
21, 000
35, 000
Programs for Arts & Architecture

II.  Room Rent and Facility  ( Currency Unit:  CNY Yuan )

Room Structure
Facilities inner Room
Twin-bed Room
bath room, air conditioner, refrigerator and telephone
Single Room

III.  Notes
1.     The tuition and room rent for one year should be paid in full upon registration.
2.     Once the tuition and rent are charged they cannot be refunded.
3.     The above fee structure remains same through the whole length of study for the applicants.
4.     The university reserves the right for the adjustment of the fee structure without notice in advance
Admission Requirements

Qualification for Entrance

The applicant should have the academic background equivalent to a graduate from Chinese high school, be healthy, and receive a satisfactory score in the entrance examinations held by Wuhan University of Technology.

Postgraduate for Master’s Degree: 
The applicant should have a Bachelor’s degree or an equivalent level of higher learning, be healthy. Those who have graduated form a Chinese University with a good record will be admitted upon recommendations.

Postgraduate for Ph.D.: 
The applicant should have a Master’s degree or hold an equivalent level of education, be healthy, and should pass the examinations given by a Ph.D. supervisor.

General Student for Further Studies: 
The applicant should have completed at least 2 years of undergraduate study or have equivalent level of education, be healthy and under the age of 40.

Senior Student for Further Studies: 
The applicant should hold a Bachelor’s degree and have a professional title above the level of associate professor, be healthy.

Student Majoring in Chinese Language, Culture or History: 
The applicant should be interested in the Chinese language, Chinese culture or Chinese History, be healthy.

Application Materials

Application form is prerequisite, and every university has its own version. GMCC will guide you step by step to fill the exact one when you click”Apply now” on the page of your favorite course.
Be sure to prepare fully the following documents before starting online application. You will be asked to upload attachments in the application progress.

1.The Chinese Government Scholarships: The applicant should first submit application materials to his/her own government department for such exchange programs, and obtain necessary forms form the Chinese Embassy (Consulate) by the end of February. Once the application materials are reviewed and are admitted by the university in compliance with relevant may be awarded a government scholarship provided by Chinese Scholarship Council (CSC).

2.All applicants must complete and submit the Physical Examination Record foreigners, a notarized copy of the highest diploma and transcripts. Those wishing to study for their Master’s or Doctoral degrees should submit in addition two recommendation letters from professors, associate professors or people holding an equivalent title.

3.Self-supported students or those with scholarship provided by their own government may contact the International Office in the university for admission procedures. Upon completion, the application forms should be sent back directly to the university.
Campus Life
The Map Of Wuhan University of Technology


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