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Nanchang Hangkong University

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Founded in 1952,Nanchang Hangkong University (or NCHU for short)is located in the historical and cultural city--Nanchang, the capital city of Jiangxi Province.

NCHU enrolling students from all over China, is an engineering-based multidisciplinary university which aims at a well-balanced development of multiple disciplines including engineering, science, humanities, management, economics, law and education. It is a higher education institute with a distinctive feature of aeronautics and national defense under the joint supervision of Jiangxi Provincial Government and Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

Composed of 22 schools offering a wide range of programs, of which, 51 undergraduate disciplines, 5 first-grade and second-grade mastery discipline, NCHU now has a faculty and staff of over 2000 people, among whom, over 1200 permanent teachers. Full professors total 170 and associate professors over 330. In addition, NCHU has 1 academician of Chinese Academy of Science(CAS)and 3 academicians of Chinese Academy of Engineering(CAE). At present, the total number of registered students is22000, of whom 19000 undergraduates, 1095 postgraduates, and over 2000 vocational students. 

NCHU now has 10 Provincial level key disciplines with separate key disciplines at National Defense level, 1 key National Defense discipline, 1 key laboratory established by Ministry of Education, 1 key laboratory of national Defense, 2 key laboratory of China Aviation Technology, and 8 provincial key laboratories(research centers).

NCHU has established cooperative relationship with universities in Australia, United States, Finland, France, Canada, Korea, Japan and Germany and promote study abroad and exchange program with these universities.

NCHU started international students’ education in Autumn,2008 by registering two students from Nepal. Now the number of International students has reached nearly one hundred, coming from Nepal, Pakistan, Ghana, Zambia, Bangladesh, Canada, Kenya, Thailand, India, Nigeria, Rwanda, Botswana, Djibouti and Zimbabwe these 14 countries. The University has successfully initiated two English-medium bachelor’s degree programs for foreign students- Aeronautical Engineering and Business Administration. Besides, the University enrolls 100 South Korean youngsters and a few Europeans for the short-term language and culture program every year. In the future the University will start more English-taught programs in accordance with the demands of the educational market. The University welcomes youngsters all over the world to study in Nanchang Hangkong University.



Bachelor's Degree

Master's Degree

Doctoral Degree

Long-term Chinese Language
Class hrs/wk Duration Starting Date Application Deadline Tuition Fee
Chinese 1 Year 2013-09-02 2013-08-15 CNY 12000 Per year Details
Short-term Chinese Language Program
Class hrs/wk Duration Starting Date Application Deadline Tuition Fee
Chinese 1 Year 2013-09-02 2013-08-15 CNY 12000 Per year Details


RoomType Rates Separate Toilet Separate Bathroom Broadband Internet Access Landline Air Conditioner Other
Double Room 3500 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Public Washing Room; Public Kitchen


All the quoted prices hereafter are in Chinese yuan (¥CNY).

Application fee:
 CNY 610  

Tution fee: 

Students Category

Tuition Fee
(per academic year)

Teaching Material Fee
(per academic year)

Undergraduate student

CNY14000 per year

CNY300-500 per year

Postgraduate student

CNY18000 per year

CNY300-500 per year


1. Students are expected to pay their fees within the first week dating from the beginning of the academic year.

2. The international students should keep the invoice for tuition in case of query. If the students lose the invoice, the tuition won't be refundable.

3. Undergraduate degree students or master students who have not completed their academic work within the assigned time should pay the tuition for the extended period according to the general tuition standard if they want to extend their study in Nanchang Hangkong University. 

4. The students should pay other fees by themselves such as health check up fee, graduation certificate fee, student card fee, library card fee etc. when they are registered in the university.

5.Nanchang Hangkong University can adjust all the fees according to relevant regulations.
Admission Requirements
For Future Students
Entry Requirement

(1) Undergraduate students (4 years): 
Foreign students who apply to study for Bachelor’s degree must have had formal schooling of high school level or higher. 
(2) Postgraduate students (3 years): 
Foreign students who want to apply to study for Master's degree must have obtained Bachelor's Degree or reached the equivalent educational level. 

Application Materials

Application form is prerequisite, and every university has its own version. GMCC will guide you step by step to fill the exact one when you click”Apply now” on the page of your favorite course.
Be sure to prepare fully the f, , ollowing documents before starting online application. You will be asked to upload attachments in the application progress.

(1) Nanchang Hangkong University Application Form for International Students 
Applicants must fill in this form carefully and faithfully. And stick a photo (48x33 mm) with white background.
(2) One copy of valid passport;
(3) One copy of most recent diploma; 
The applicants should offer two copies of your final schooling certificate and academic performance in Chinese or English version. If you are a student at school now, you should offer a certificate.
(4) Two passport photographs. 
(5) Letter of Recommendation: 
Foreign students who want to apply to study as Master's candidates should submit recommendation letters with signatures of at least two scholars of associate professor or higher.
How to Apply
Campus Life
The Map Of Nanchang Hangkong University


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