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Taishan Medical University

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About Taishan Medical University


Taishan Medical University, located in Taian, Shandong, China, was founded in 1891 as the Huamei Hospital Medical School. Our university was co-founded with Gonghe Medical School in 1903. Taishan Medical University was originally named Medical College of Qilu University in 1903. In 1952, the Medical College of Qilu University merged with Shandong Medical College. In 1970, Shandong Medical College merged with Shandong College of Traditional Chinese Medicine and moved to the Loude district of Xintai, a suburb of Taian. The Loude Branch College of Shandong Medical College was founded in 1974 and then was moved to Taian City in 1979. Its name was changed to the Taian Branch College of Shandong Medical College. With the approval of the State Council in 1981, its name was then changed to Taishan Medical University.


Taishan Medical University covers an area of 200 hectares with a construction area of 770,000 square meters. The university now has fixed assets valued at 1.22 billion RMB including teaching, science and research equipment with a total value of more than 140 million RMB. The students have access to 2,560,000 books including 1,170,000 e-books. The university has one affiliated hospital, 11 non-direct affiliated hospitals and more than 200 practice and internship bases.

Faculty and department

Students and Faculty The University has 1,500 staff members. There are 1,100 full-time teachers, of which 450 are assistant professors and above, 12 enjoy special governmental allowances financed by the State Council. We have 10 young outstanding contribution experts and the best medical system talents of Shandong province, 6 state teachers of excellence, 4 famous provincial teachers and one professor who is a “Taishan Scholar”. Taishan Medical University also has 15 academicians serving as our university’s professors.

The university has a Department of Basic Medicine, Department of Clinical Medicine, Radiology College, Nursing College, Pharmacy College, Public Health College, Department of Stomatology, Department of Human Sports Science, Department of Bioscience, Population and Family Planning College, Chemistry and Chemical Engineering College, Information Engineering College, Foreign Languages College, Management College, International Education College, Continuing Education College, Department of Social Sciences.

The total number of undergraduates and college students now exceeds 20,000 plus 600 postgraduates and 13,000 students for adult education. They come from 18 provinces, cities and autonomous regions in China. There are also 500 international students mainly from Asia, Africa and America.

Course Structure and Disciplines

The university offers courses in the following subject areas: Clinical Medicine, Medical Imaging, Nursing, Pharmacy, Chinese Traditional Medicine, Pharmaceutical Engineering, Medical Laboratory Technology & Laboratory Diagnostics, Preventive Medicine, Health Inspection, Stomatology, Human Sports Science, Biomedical Engineering,Biotechnology, Biochemical Engineering, Applied Physics, Environmental Engineering,Chemical Engineering & Technology,Macromolecular Material & Engineering,Applied Chemistry,Computer Science & Technology,Electronic Information Science & Technology,Information Management & Information System,English,Russian,Tourism Management,Management of Public Administration,Marketing (Medical Direction),Human Resources Management,Labor & Social Security and Social Work. The majors covered include medicine, engineering, science, literature, management, pedagogy and law.

Clinical Medicine, Medical Imaging, Nursing and Pharmacy are state-level and province-level majors. Pharmacology, Physiology and Pathophysiology are part of the provincial teaching team. We have 11 Shandong Provincial elaborate courses. Our research and teaching center for Medical Imaging Technology are included in our Provincial research and teaching center.

Taishan Medical University passed the Undergraduate Teaching Standard Evaluation from the State Ministry of Education in November 2006 and received an award for excellence.

Research The University has 11 scientific research institutes: Institute of Atherosclerosis, Institute of Radiation Technology, Institute of Medicine, Institute of Neurobiology, Institute of Epidemiology, Institute of Sports Medicine, Institute of Pancreatic, Institute of Reproductive Health, Institute of Biomedical Engineering, Institute of Population, and Institute of Mount Tai Culture.

Medical Imaging & Nuclear Medicine and Pharmacology are the key disciplines of Shandong Province. Geriatrics and Medical Imaging are also the medical key disciplines of Shandong Province. The laboratory of Cerebral Microcirculation is of provincial importance. Project and Pathology & Pathophysiology is a provincial “Taishan Scholar” position.

During the period of our "Eleventh Five-Year", we have undertaken 1,200 science and research projects, of which 14 are nation-level projects, 61 are province-level projects and 261 are city-level projects. Taishan Medical University received 137 scientific research awards, published more than 3,000 scientific and teaching research articles, of which 80 can be retrieved in SCI and EI. Our University has published over 200 written textbooks on a wide range of medical topics. Our teachers are editors-in-chief or associate editors of 30 Ministry of Public Health and Ministry of Education planning books. We are proud to have more than 30 patents.

Graduate Education

The University has 16 different disciplines of master’s degree programs, which are Medical Imaging & Nuclear Medicine, Surgery, Pathology & Pathophysiology, Geriatrics, Internal Medicine, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Pharmacology, Sports Medicine, Neurobiology, Epidemic & Health Statistics, Human Anatomy & Embryonic Tissue, Immunology, Pathogen Biology, Neurology, Nursing and Oncology. Meanwhile, we accept those who have equivalent education to award our university’s master degree. We also have clinical medicine professional master’s degree program.

Adult education and job training

Continuing Education and Training  Our university also offer adult higher education courses (Correspondence courses and Evening college): Clinical Medicine, Medical Imaging, Medical Laboratory Technology & Laboratory Diagnostics, Stomatology, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine, Family Planning Medicine, Biomedical Engineering, Biotechnology, Pharmacy, Chinese Traditional Medicine, Nursing, Environmental Engineering, Chemical Engineering & Technology, Macromolecular Material & Engineering, Computer Science & Technology, Electronic Information Science & Technology, Information Management & Information System, Management of Public Administration, Management of Family Planning and Marketing. Those who participate in and pass the foreign language exam of the Shandong Province Adult Higher Education Degree program and the main courses exam can be awarded degree certificates.

On-the-job training includes health industry vocational skills training projects of the Ministry of Health, and continuing education training to health workers, family planning workers and rural health workers.

The Map Of Taishan Medical University


【Canda Office】804 - 511 Rochester Ave. Coquitlam BC Canada  【China Office】125 Fenghuang East Street, Laiwu, 271100 China

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