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Ten Cities Chinese men are fleeing



Scary mother-in-laws. it is far too difficult to get married in the high material consumption age. Marriage is no longer just a simple vows and symbolic. Car, house, money is indispensable. The huge economic pressure, the pressure that buy a house, indirectly cause the trend of Shanghai men to marry at a mature age. Recently,according to a poll by the netizens, the cost for Shanghai men to be married is up to $325,000USD.



The gap between the rich and poor. Officials, tycoons, stars, migrant workers, jobless graduates..... in such a busy and crowded imperial capital city, social classes are clearly separated. The rich are getting richer, the poor, poorer. The whole Chinese society gathering here, where nothing is impossible.



The sense of drift. Be forced to leave one's hometown to the sense of drift, for every home for people who are certain experience. The city of Guangzhou just like Beijing, have clear division between rich and poor. Africans, outsiders live at the edge of the city, while the Cantonese lives in the city center. People may have a high salary, but they have to pay for the high housing prices, even the congestion charges. Every day millions of floating population, make this city to be worthy of its name - as a part-time-labor City. 60% of men living in this city has only one purpose - to earn money and go home.



Fast food style love. As life rhythm accelerates, the Chinese "hurry" becomes a common practice. No time to deal with their feelings, people choose speed dating and flash marriage; no time to travel, they glance over things hurriedly; no time to study, people turns to to crash courses...... Collectively, these people leads a fast food style life. Here in such a speedy city of Shenzhen, the dual pressures of work and life have deprived the trust of the relationship between men and women. Many people hold the game mentality to treat love, marriage.



Practical girls. In this city, men¡¯s low salary won¡¯t match the rising housing price. man, Beauties are everywhere, but none is yours. This is perhaps the most real portrayal of Chongqing. The increasing foreign population added their life pressure and made the competition more intense then ever. Men have no choice but to flee away in face of the practical girls and the high living cost.



A galaxy of talents. As the capital of Hubei province, Wuhan, has more than 100 universities, which produce and attract many talents in the city. Yet, these proud "a galaxy of talents", have been bantered by netizens as: " humble dogs when across the street¡¡À. You find you degrees are worthless here when graduated. Is it rational or not to flee here?



Unaffordable housing. Early in the second half of 2003, Tianjin¡¯s housing prices suddenly start soaring. The rising housing prices and per capita wage increase is not proportional, many people consider the purchase of real estate in Tianjin suburbs. Many people have been expecting price to fall, only to find it unexpectedly risen higher and higher. The saving rate is far behind the speed of the housing price. Yet, Tianjin is surely not the only one city which suffer from the intolerable high housing price.



Hong kong:

Too much pressure! Hurried paces, tight faces, pressed voices, no workers in this city can tell how tired they feel under their serious occupation dresses. Fast paced lifestyle, expensive price, and fierce competition at every moment bring enormous pressure to the citizens there.



Blazing weather. Since June 30th this year, Changsha has been in high temperature  for 24 consecutive days of above 35 ¡æ and the for 15 days, the highest temperature is over 37 ¡æ. There are causal relationship between basin terrain and its surrounding mountains which block the releasing of the heat, and the newly built high-rise skyscrapers also contribute this urban heat island effect. People can¡¯t wait to leave this stove!




The salary is too low. A gigantic loser City, with congestion traffic, populous population low income, high prices, and lack of sense of security is the common feeling of the residents. Here you can see the wags to riches after the relocation of their local household, the "white-collar" catering their landlord simply for a single buck. Rent, inflation, the boss of appetite---everything is  in the rise, but the salary.



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