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How to apply for Chinese Universities and Colleges

When to Apply

General Starting Date

The fall semester normally starts in September while the spring semester in late February. You are highly suggested to submit your application at least two months before the course start.

Please be aware that the application time for some schools and programs are flexible, particularly for the language and cultural programs.

Study in China applicaton schedule (to-do list) for Fall Semester enrollment

Start with February 
Applicants can start to apply for degree programs for Autumn intake.
April to May
Most programs are open and available to apply in April and May. Applicants are suggested to submit their applications as early as possible to guarantee a seat . 
Late May
Applicants who submitted applications before April would receive their admission results.
Offer letters for early applicants are delivered.
Late July
Deadline for Official applications for most universities in China. All applicants are suggested to submit the applications before late July.
Early August
Letters of admissions and JW202 form for your visa are delivered 4 weeks before programs start. Applicants should apply for a Chinese visa at their nearest
Chinese Embassies or Consulates with their original Admission Letter, original JW202 form, and valid passport.
Early September
Program starting date for most universities in China. International students commence their study in China universities in late August or early September.
Late September
If there are some vacancies available for a started program, Applications are still available in some universities at a roll basis. 

Study in China applicaton schedule (to-do list) for Spring Semester enrollment

Late October
Applicants are suggested to start to apply for programs for the Spring intake from late October.
Most spring intake programs are open and available to apply from November to January. Applicants are suggested to submit their applications 
as early as possible to guarantee a seat . 
Applicants who have submitted applications to study in China in October or early November will receive their admission results.
Early January
Offer letters for early applicants will be delivered. Applicants are suggested to apply for their Chinese visa at their nearest Chinese Embassy or 
Consulate with their original Admission letter, original JW202 form, and valid passport.
Late January
Deadline for Official applications for most universities in China. All applicants are suggested to submit their study in China applications before February
After the deadline, if there are vacancies available, late applications are still available on a rolling basis. 
Late February
to early March
Program starting date for most spring intake in China. 

If you happen to apply after the application deadline or when the semester has started, please check with our GMCC consultants who will help you out.

Please be aware that you can still applied through GMCC online system even after the deadline. As the only overseas admission portal for more than 300 Chinese universities and colleges,

students who apply via our GMCC platform will be given priorities in admissions and scholarships. 

Consult info@sichina.org to see if there are still vacancies for certain courses available.

What if I want to defer my enrollment?

If you need to defer your enrollment in a certain course. You can contact admission@sichina.org to help you find out whether the deferred entry application is accepted by the university.

How to apply for Chinese Universities and Colleges via GMCC online application system ?

Global Mandarin (GMCC)  allows International applicants to either directly apply online to China's universities for degree & non-degree courses or apply via emails. Global Mandarin makes

the following instructions which we strongly advise you to follow.

Online application:

Register with us to have your best value services
Complete your application forms online
Upload the required documents
Pay application fees
Submit online applications
Track your application status

Email Application:

Download the required forms
Submit the required materials
Pay your fees
Wait for your email notification of the processing progress and result.

General admission requirements

Each program at any Chinese universities has its own entry requirements. Before you start your application, please read the Entry Requirements carefully and make sure that you are able to

 meet the requirements and prepare for the copies of the relevant documents.

General Entry Requirements

International students who want to study at Chinese universities must meet the general requirements set out by both the Chinese government and the university they apply to.

Admission Requirements of the Chinese Government

 Applicant must be a real student, who holds a student or visitor visa

 No criminal records. Applicants from some countries are requested to provide a non-criminal certificate notarized and certified by the Chinese Embassy

 Some official sectors restrict the number of applicants from certain countries

 Applicants should have the appropriate qualifications and be able to meet all the requirements (in accordance with the school requirements),

 be in a reliable financial state and have a guarantor in China.

 Transfer students need to provide the agreement certificate from the two schools

For more information regarding the requirements of the Chinese Government, please contact with the Chinese Ministry of Education or China Scholarship Council.

Admission Requirements of Chinese Universities

In accordance with different levels of degree, Chinese universities have different requirements for all enrollees. Before applying, you must carefully review these requirements.

  Usually, the non-degree language and culture programs have minimum requirements; as long as you have obtained a high school diploma, you can apply for   admission.

  Chinese-medium degree programs (i.e. degree programs taught in Mandarin Chinese) require the applicant to provide HSK results to prove their Chinese   language proficiency.

 Applicants for master's degrees also need to provide a copy of transcripts and recommendation letters.

  English-medium programs do not require HSK results. Instead, applicants for English-medium programs should provide recognized English proficiency tests   such as TOEFL or IELTS.

 (English native speakers or those who hold an academic degree taught in English need not provide test scores).

  More and more universities are starting to offer international programs taught in English. These programs will no longer require HSK examination results  and are suitable

 for international applicants.

 The following is a list of requirements for different programs:


Application and admission requirements

HSK level



Secondary High school graduate or the equivalent (e.g. A-level, successful completion of Year 12, etc).In some of China's universities, any education background is accepted.

No requirement

1 - 20 weeks

Language program

Secondary High school graduate or the equivalent (e.g. A-level, successful completion of Year 12, etc).

No requirement

1 - 2 years

Undergraduate or associate

Secondary High school graduate or the equivalent (e.g. A-level, successful completion of Year 12, etc).

HSK level 4-6 (for Chinese-medium programs)

Undergraduate student: 4 - 5 years;
Associate students: 2 - 3 years

Master's degree

Possession of a Bachelor's degree, at least two letters of recommendation from professors.

HSK level 5-8 (for Chinese-medium programs)

2 - 3 years


Possession of a Master's degree, at least two recommendations from professors.

HSK level 5-8 (for Chinese-medium programs)

3 years


Student should provide a sealed transfer letter from the Foreign Students' Office of current university; and meet other requirements as per the degree level.

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