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How to Choose Your Right Schools in China


You Can Find your school That Are Right for You, although there's no magic formula for choosing it. You can find your right fit by.

•  Getting advice from our experienced one-on-one Counselor

•  Planning your Study in China via our School and Program Search system.

•  Choosing your programs/Universities from a list of recommended programs (carefully chosen for you according to your background, budget and interests and so on by your Global Mandarin program counselor) and the programs that you selected by yourself.

•  submitting up to 6 applications to the programs/Universities you choose to above lists of programs, of them to submit to us for preliminary application. After working on your application with the universities you are applying to, you will be given emails as letters of conditional admissions or rejections.

•  Choose one from the universities or colleges that preliminary admit you. Your own decision is just your right fit.

It's your journey, and We're just here to help you all the way!

Factors to consider in choosing a right school in China.

Campus Settings in China

Number of students/Number of international students

Many students say that campus size and feel was a big part of their college choice. Each university provides information on the number of students in total and the number of international students. Generally, more international students may mean the university has more experience teaching foreign students and provides a better environment for them. While more students mean the university has a larger scale, more teaching staff, more facilities, etc. So to some extent, the more the better.

Learning Environment in China universities and colleges

As you know, college is about learning! So it makes sense to imagine your ideal learning environment. Don't get stuck on things like a college's reputation, rank or selectivity. What's more valuable is how well a college's academic style fits you. Consider the following:

•  Do I learn best when I'm academically comfortable or academically challenged?

•  Do I prefer to be part of small group discussions or to listen to lectures? How much interaction do I want with my professors?

•  What sort of balance am I looking for between studying and having a social life?

•  Do I want to choose most of my classes myself, or do I prefer more structure?

Then let your Global Mandarin Counselor know you, and we will point you to the right direction.

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